The right to grief

I don’t know what is wrong with some people, but it is absolutely driving me crazy. There has been a trend lately that seems to suggest that unless I strongly feel about something that concerns me or my nation first, then I have no right feeling sorry for something outrageous and tragic happening in a different country.

I witnessed this again today when some blessed soul questioned a friend over his outrage over what is going on between Continue reading

Because love is also a little sadistic

Caught myself smiling this morning. Not because I was happy, but rather because I found myself thinking about a certain someone. A someone, who I wish to spare the terrible cliches. A someone, whose memory gives me joy and grief in equal measure. If I had to describe it, I would say that it was a lot like nostalgia; the bittersweet nostalgia of perhaps your fondest memory with someone who is no longer around. Except Continue reading

I just want to hate someone

Most people live out all their lives avoiding any kind of confrontation. And then there are the folks who make it their life’s mission to piss off as many people as possible. Sometimes I wonder what the latter kind are thinking when they do the things that they do, and say the things that they say. Does one get up one fine morning with the realization that it would the perfect day to hate feminists? I wonder, because I woke up today and just knew that I needed to aggravate someone to a point where Continue reading

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Without any credit

An increasing number of magazines, and media services are robbing their writers of due credit and recognition. Pick your favourite online media service, and chances are, except for the top few writers who are the face of that brand, every other article will conveniently be missing any kind of attributions. The print media are guilty of this at times, but digital media services have turned this into an epidemic. For every popular brand that gives credit to its  writers, you can find a dozen who Continue reading

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Has it ever happened that to you, that you were sitting quietly in some corner, minding your own business, when suddenly someone walks up to you and goes, “What are you thinking about?” ?

This one question seems to be the only way you can guarantee that I will hate you for the rest of my life. I hate talking. I literally despise being forced to form words and grunt them out for absolutely any kind of reason. If everyone I know could just Continue reading